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5. Raise your value to customers

What’s happening

Remote technologies are being used by customer teams to connect healthcare professionals with internal product experts. The ‘anywhere, anytime’ nature of the technology makes it easy to enable a conversation with your medical department to answer specific questions or provide detailed information.

This adds value where the demand is highest: the provision of medical and scientific knowledge. Remote-enabled scientific
discussion with internal experts is a high-value service for priority customers, giving a powerful reason for them to engage. It also can be deployed quickly to solve specific issues or misunderstandings by any stakeholder.

What’s next

Many roles that were previously internal-only are increasingly acquiring a customer-facing aspect, especially in the Medical Department. Healthcare professionals and other stakeholders are keen to engage, so expect greater use of remote technologies to enable this at scale.

The bottom line

Life science companies’ knowledge remains much in-demand by customers and remote technologies are enabling healthcare professionals greater access.

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