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Patient engagement webinar - experience Sharedoc


Research shows that healthcare professionals are looking for up-to-date and relevant treatment information that they can use to increase their knowledge level and share with their patients.

The webinar features a real-life use case to show how you can strengthen HCP relationships and empower HCPs to provide credible, trustworthy information to share with their patients.



Patient engagement webinar - experience Sharedoc


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September 21. New York 9 AM, London 2 PM, Paris 3 PM. 


Management, Digital Marketers, Brand Managers, Product specialists and MSLs, Patient engagement teams. 



Beth Wolff, Head of Professioanl Services. Luis Rodriguez, Client Director 



Multichannel Excellence Summit 2016


Put patients, physicians and payers at the heart of your multichannel strategy.

Multichannel excellence summit 2016

This is the slogan for the 6th Annual Multichannel Excellence Summit held by Eyeforpharma in London from the 17th to the 18th of October.

At the summit Agnitio CEO Lars Diemer will share his views on the latest technology trends - and explore how to empower HCPs to meet the needs from empowered patients.  

We have a wealth of digital tools, resources and talent, but in order to truly enhance customer experience we must treat our customers as individuals that want to enjoy a seamless, consistent, customer-oriented experience across every interaction they have with us.

Part of the problem is the huge range of sources. In a digital world, the rapid growth of information means that doctors, nurses, HCPs and patients are less reliant on material provided by pharma companies. The key to address this challenge is to provide credible and thrustworthy treatment information in an easy and accessible way.

For info about the summmit visit:

Multichannel Excellence Summit 2016


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