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Blog: How to deliver value to HCPs when access is declining

Blog: How to deliver value to HCPs when access is declining digital engagement

It’s a well-known fact that HCPs are more and more time-pressured. As a result, they are looking to get more value delivered in less time and with more flexibility, when engaging with life science companies. But how do you provide this, when budgets are fixed, access overall is declining, and demonstrating ROI is essential?

One answer is digital. Here, we present you with three ways that digital technology helps you make the most of the minutes that matter.
Compelling content

By developing interactive presentations (e-detailers), you empower your representatives with tools for building strong conversations. It also makes it easier for your reps to convey complex product information in a short time.

Most market research on this topic shows that physicians enjoy the e-detailing experience and state that they can have more focused discussions when it is used.[1]

In addition, e-detailers make it possible to personalize each conversation. By developing interactive elements in which the HCP inserts information about his or her real-life situation, the content itself (or the rep) can adjust the conversation to make it highly individual.
Personalized communications

One of the biggest advantages of applying digital to your communications is data. With proper data capture, you can learn what topics, therapeutic areas or products are most interesting to each HCP – information that’s vital for your sales or market access teams to understand an HCP’s ‘pain points’, and thereby where they can offer most value.

In other words, with the right data, you can always improve and personalize the next engagement. And from an HCP’s point of view, value that you’re providing goes up after every meeting.
Convenient interactions

When your customers are pressured on time, it’s essential that you fit their schedule and make it easy for them to interact. Digital has a huge role to play here by expanding the ways, that HCPs can engage with you. Convenient channels much appreciated by HCPs include:

  • Remote meetings
  • Webinars or online symposiums
  • On-demand content

With remote meetings, customers can arrange meetings with shorter notice – providing the flexibility they need. And your reps save traveling time and can conduct more meetings per day, maximising your marketing budget. In the same way, webinars and online symposiums deliver high value to HCPs while being cost-efficient for you.

On-demand content is likewise highly appreciated by HCPs as they can access it when, where and whenever it is relevant to them. And when provided with the right content, they may even be able to share it with patients – raising the value that they provide too.
The right solution

Agnitio’s solution, Rainmaker, offers all these advantages and more. Discover how you can apply Rainmaker and its channel opportunities to design unique customer journeys and deliver more value to HCPs in less time.

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