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Medforce Virtual Event August 2020

Meet us at Virtual Medforce Europe 2020

Conference for medtech leaders

Meet us at Medforce Europe, the leading conference for medtech sales and marketing leaders. This year, MedTech Sales and Marketing VPs and their teams benchmark
their responses and solutions to the Covid-19 crisis. The event will be held virtually on 4-5 of August. Some of the other key companies presenting will be B Braun Medical, Boston Scientific, Reckitt Benckiser and many more.


Agnitio's CEO presenting on the first day of the conference

During the first day of the virtual event, Lars Meincke will present a case study on:


The new normal for HCP engagement:
How to enhance remote performance of your field force


Key take-aways

  • How to meet new demands and more limited access to HCPs and other key stakeholders
  • How to reorganize your sales teams and move from a rep-centric sales model to remote communications
  • How to decide which remote technology that’s right for your organization – and how to connect it to your multichannel engagement strategy
  • How to set the right KPIs and measure success from your digital investments

Speaker: Lars Meincke (Chief Executive Officer, Agnitio)


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