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Ensure effective healthcare professional meetings and increased customer satisfaction powered by high-quality individual data.

Agnitio’s Rainmaker provides a complete and user-friendly e-detailing / closed loop marketing package, while enabling you to easily expand with a host of supporting channels and no limits to audiences & stakeholders.


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Understanding closed loop marketing

Closed loop marketing (CLM) aims to understand the customer better so the communication can be more relevant. This is made possible by CLM software that allows for a continual feedback from customers; both with regard to how a communication was received and what they actually want to hear.

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The most common form of closed loop marketing is e-detailing. By turning sales representatives’ paper detail aids into digital media, it became possible to get continual feedback on how customers were reacting to the communication.

This is because paper materials were a passive experience for customers, while digital allowed presentations to be interactive. Suddenly it was possible to understand which parts were interesting to customers because they were now actively engaged with it.

E-detailing remains a vital part of closed loop marketing, though it is now increasingly a part of a broader multichannel experience for customers – offering new tools to marketing & sales to build a deeper customer engagement.

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