Closed loop marketing software

Ensure effective healthcare professional engagements and increase customer satisfaction with communications that are powered by high-quality individual data.  Agnitio’s Rainmaker provides a complete and user-friendly closed loop marketing (CLM) software that delivers your content in multiple channels: e-detailing, remote meetings and webinars, personalized websites, and approved email.

Closed loop marketing

Understanding closed loop marketing

Closed loop marketing aims to better understand the customer so communication can become more relevant over time. Digital communications allow for continual feedback from customers; both with regard to how communications were received and what people actually wanted to hear.

closed loop marketing

Enabled by digital technologies

Digital technology made closed loop marketing practical. By providing interactivity – putting the customer in the driver's seat – it was possible to track and understand the value of any communication provided. 

The most common form of closed loop marketing technology is e-detailing. By turning sales representatives’ paper detail aids into digital media, it became possible to get continual customer feedback and adapt communications much faster.

E-detailing remains a vital part of closed loop marketing, though it is now often part of a broader multichannel experience for customers.

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Close the loop with multichannel

Rainmaker is an easy-to-use multichannel communications suite that delivers high-value content to healthcare professionals. It includes tools for e-detailing, virtual meetings, microsites and compliant emails.