Key industry reports on digital customer engagement

The life sciences are undergoing significant changes that are driving digital transformation. To support you developing strategies that meet the new competitive and customer landscape, we’ve collated the key (free) reports from the last 12 months to spark your thinking. Get inspired. We did!


Changing HCP needs

  • Understand how HCPs’ are increasing their online consumption – and how remote engagement is replacing traditional face-to-face interactions. (PharmaFuture, 2019)
  • Discover the state of customer experience (CX) in the life sciences and learn what you need to improve to get the CX right. (DT Associates, 2019)
  • Discover how digital innovations and remote technologies are transforming HCP interactions – (Eyeforpharma, 2019)


Multichannel customer engagement

  • Understand the new rules of customer engagement and how experiences with other brands direct expectations – (Salesforce, 2019)
  • Investigate how medical affairs can harness the potential of digital technology in their customer engagement (eyeforpharma, 2019)
  • Understand how remote customer engagement solves your challenges (Agnitio, 2019)


Customer experience strategies

  • See how investments in customer experience and relationship management continue to grow (Gartner, June 2019)
  • Explore the key pillars for a multi-channel strategy – and how to personalize the CX in a digital sphere. (Pharmafield, 2019)
  • Learn how to reconnect multichannel marketing to the brand story and the customer (Kantar Health, 2019) - requires registration


Sales strategies & digital transformation

  • Understand why the definition of healthcare has become so diverse and get insights of what the core of the new pharma company should be. (pharmaphorum, 2019)
  • Learn why and how you need to accelerate your digital transformation – (Boston Consulting Group, 2018)
  • Explore how other leaders value services and experiences beyond the product itself – (Bain & Co, 2019)


Video: How to improve the customer experience

There’s a lot of talk about customer experience. But how far have we come and what does it take to improve the customer experience we’re providing today. At eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019 we interviewed senior life science executives to hear status and what it takes to get the customer experience right.

Watch the video and get inspiration on what’s needed:

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