Barcelona Workshop – the Outcome

Barcelona Workshop – the Outcome

Fresh thinking at Eyeforpharma conference

Working with a diabetes patient treatment journey, participants in Agnitio’s workshop at Eyeforpharma Barcelona explored ‘patient centricity’ in a novel way.

The session was a special event at Europe’s largest pharma marketing conference – which this year focused on building trust as a theme.

Seeking new opportunities by looking at the situation holistically, the group explored how to support relationships between the brand manager, HCP and patient rather than looking at the patient in isolation.


Workshop findings

This approach enabled us to consider how to open new avenues of communication that support everyone involved along the treatment pathway.

partnerapp-img-docs vs patients

Working in teams, the group developed a number of insights by ‘thinking like a patient’ and seeing the big picture:

Pre-diagnosis: enable pro-active HCP communication by developing material that HCPs can share in a patient app with people with a high risk of developing a condition to aid lifestyle management and early diagnosis.

  • pre-screening patients for risk factors
  • communicating through the doctor early signs of disease signs to watch
  • consultation with the HCP at the earliest opportunity

Diagnosis: empower HCPs to immediately provide information during diagnosis and in the following days that is relevant and personalised to the individual’s situation. This would help prevent misinformation and confusion that may result from a patient’s own research i.e. internet searches.

  • supporting patients absorbing information about the diagnosis
  • leverage that information from HCPs is most credible and powerful
  • brand managers, HCPs and patients need to work together for the best outcomes

Post-diagnosis: ensure that HPCs can provide on-going information to their patients. Materials may originate from a brand manager as well as other sources. Materials should be tailored to the patient’s specific situation and regularly updated to keep it relevant and interesting.

  • continuing HCP communications needed for the best possible outcomes
  • materials must be easy to access and from a reliable source (doctor / care coach)

One key factor that applies to all stages of the treatment pathway was pointed out by a patient in the workshop group – that communication and content must be more engaging, calling for interactivity (gamification) and continually changing content to keep patients involved.

Closing with a special presentation

The session concluded with the first public presentation of Sharedoc, Agnitio’s new patient communication solution.

To learn more about Sharedoc, join the next Agnitio webinar which will demonstrate how it engages every stakeholder in the value chain – all the way out to the patients and their relatives.

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