Exploring the Full Potential of e-detailing Data

Exploring the Full Potential of e-detailing Data

Today’s high quality e-detailing data can help support better quality conversations with healthcare professionals and result in improved access and relationships.

Campaigns driven by the right data can provide customers receive better quality information and predictive modeling based on the data collected can even enable you to anticipate your customers’ needs.

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Data not only make your communication effective but more efficient too. “You can use these data to better craft your discussions and messages to your customers, which hopefully will result in more effective customer engagements and a faster desired outcome of your communication,” says Beth Wolff, Head of Professional Services at Agnitio.

Yet in a poll conducted at the recent Anthill webinar, only 7% of pharma marketers believed that they are using the full potential of e-detailing data.
So how can we start to make more of the opportunities that are available?


Be strategic

The first thing to do is to set a goal for data collection. What are you going to do with the data? Why do you need it? And how is it going to increase the bottom line?

According to Agnitio’s Beth Wolff, strategic approach is often missing from the process: “So in the end, no one knows why exactly specific data were collected and so they aren’t used.”

Sebastian Koelsch, Senior Digital Strategist at Anthill, confirms the importance of clear goals: “You only should track data you need. If you collect all too much data, it might be difficult to start using it, as you can get easily overwhelmed. A clear purpose is the most important condition of successful e-detailing data usage.”

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Build your tools and skills

Once you are clear on your data strategy you can then determine the right system to collect the data you need – and the skills required to get the most value from it.

Pitcher’s Christian Stehle explains what challenges need to be overcome to acquire the right skills internally: “The progress is so fast that people often don’t even realize how much they can do with data. And very often, in the busy pharma environment, they don’t have time to acquire this knowledge.”


Use smart content

It is vital that your content enables data tracking – both technologically but also in its design. Importantly, data collection must not leave the healthcare professionals feeling interrogated.

“For every piece of information they give you, give them something valuable back. That means that you need to continually adjust the presentation content to reflect what you are learning,” explains Anthill’s Sebastian Koelsch.


Involve your sales team

The role of Sales in data collection is often not fully appreciated. Sales reps need to be involved – understanding both why data collection is important and especially how they benefit from it.

“Reps want to see how the data collection increases their bottom-line,” points out Pitcher’s Christian Stehle. If you ensure that the sales team sees how data makes their life easier, they will gladly use it.


Explore your data opportunities

With the right strategy, technology, skills and content, data can transform your marketing and build stronger customer relationships. Often, even simple changes can have a huge impact. To learn what will work best for you, contact Anthill to explore how to optimize your data use.

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