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5 things to consider when moving from paper to digital detailing

5 things to consider when moving from paper to digital detailing

Applying e-detailing to your customer interactions can improve your customer engagements (attention as well as satisfaction), and lead to improved commercial team performance. To help your sales and medical representatives, and doctors get the benefits – and avoid some potential pitfalls – here are five simple things to consider for planning the move from paper to digital detailing:


1 - Start small and adapt quickly
Keep it simple and start with a great, short presentation. That makes it easier to respond to your data insights and quickly update the content. Short presentations also help your users to get going, and they make your content localization process easier.


2 - Don’t say everything at once
Limit your messages per slide to keep your customers’ attention high and clarify your analytics. With e-detailers, you can measure slide exposure and time spent per slide, but if you have many messages on each slide, you won’t know what your customer or sales & medical representative actually spent time on.


3 - Be relevant
Make slides interactive so it’s easy for HCPs to insert data from their personal situation. This enables your content – or your rep – to personalize the conversation and make it highly relevant. This data can then also be used to optimize future engagement, making sure you stay customer centric.


4 - Consider both delivery and response
With e-detailers you have the ability to track both how your sales force uses the presentation and how your customers receive the information. Make sure to set proper KPIs for both. You can get further guidance on these topics here.


5 - Maximize your content use
Always consider the potential use of e-detailing content in other channels. Such channels may be email, remote or on-demand detailing. This can improve your customer experience (often your e-detailer has your best content) and it will certainly increase ROI on your content investments.

Limit the messages per slide and make them interactive


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