Eyeforpharma Article: Let’s Get Personal: Customer Experience

Eyeforpharma Article: Let’s Get Personal: Customer Experience

There is no doubt that everyone in pharma wants to provide a positive customer experience (CX), but there is a gap between the industry’s vision and the current reality. As customers receive greater added value elsewhere in their lives from other industries (free Wi-Fi or hassle-free online booking, for example), they come to expect something similar from pharma companies. This means that doctors, patients, payers and other key stakeholders are all looking for more from their interactions with pharma.

In eyeforpharma’s recent webinar, ‘Personalize Your Customer’s Experience', participants responded to a series of poll questions which provided a snapshot of industry attitudes. Asked to judge where they or their company is on a sliding scale between brand and customer focus, 27% said they were ‘slightly’ customer focused but 20% of people believe their companies are ‘strongly’ customer focused. When it came to the next question - ‘How committed are you to prioritizing customer and patient needs?’ - 76% of respondents were ‘somewhat’ or ‘strongly’ committed.

On the face of it, this looks like good news for pharma since putting the customer at the center of what you do is not fluffy stuff: various studies have established that providing a better CX will boost revenue. But how do you actually do it? Three industry experts put forward their thoughts on ways in which companies could make the most of the new opportunities on offer.

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