How to integrate data to drive sales

How to integrate data to drive sales

Inspired by a recent Agnitio roundtable discussion with Allergan, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Astellas and Ipsen Pharma.

As the number of our digital channels and tools continually expand, there are many opportunities to better understand our customers. The ever-growing digital ‘touch points’ should provide more insight into our customers in order to improve the customer experience.

Selecting your closed loop marketing vendors

Marketers, however, either due to lack of training or because they are not yet accustomed to make data collection central to their brand plans, generally have little access to data beyond rep iPad usage. Gathering customer insights is still seen as a market research activity, rather than something that should take place during every customer interaction.

edetailing data management

The good news is that the digital infrastructure is available in most companies, so the opportunities are there to design and implement a data strategy to maximize the benefits. Reflecting on what an excellent rep does during a productive call can inform this strategy. CLM technology was, after all, created to raise reps to the level of the best performers.

Learning from each interaction

So what does a good rep do? He or she simply asks questions and then uses the answers to refine the call, or to plan for a future meeting.

Digital content should work in the same way, and so the platform must ensure that all data is collected accurately within one system and is always available when needed.

To continually improve the customer experience, content must be relevant to each individual. By systematically gathering information about our customers’ understanding, interests and preferences, we can increase their satisfaction at each future touch point. Every interaction should feel personal.

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Reaching every stakeholder

Data, when connected across channels, fuels this process. There are numerous possibilities for each stakeholder:


Knowing what is of interest/importance to HCPs enables tailored content that satisfies the customer and strengthens relationships


Seeing relevant data for each customer within the app pre-visit empowers them to act on what is most meaningful


Accessing aggregated or individualized patient data helps medical professionals refine their communications and demonstrate to patients that they are listening


Sharing information with HCPs should bring better treatment that is more relevant to each patient’s situation.

There are many options available to us but improving the customer experience starts with marketers deciding what additional information will help them improve their communications, and then devising an appropriate data strategy.

Agnitio data webinar

To get started, join the next Agnitio webinar. This provides practical steps on how to collect and connect your data across channels, showing how data can become an active part of your marketing – and essential to great customer experience.

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