Is pharma getting personal enough in their multi channel marketing efforts?

Is pharma getting personal enough in their multi channel marketing efforts?

Inspired by a recent Agnitio roundtable discussion with Allergan, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Astellas and Ipsen Pharma.

Have we made any progress toward personalized communications?

The prevailing situation in pharma is still not ideal – the industry continues to create digital presentations with hundreds of slides, while customers expect pharma to understand their interests and focus the communications accordingly.

We may all agree that the way forward is to personalize the communication through better insight into customers’ interests and needs, yet still the industry struggles to change, perhaps due to a lack of trust in our customer knowledge.

edetailing data management

So the question is: how can pharma better understand customer needs and interests to deliver more personalized communications to their customers?

Clearly, channels must be connected so that insights gained in one interaction are applied in whatever channels the conversation switches to afterwards. To achieve this, internal teams must work together to consolidate communications so, for example, patient insights gained from HCPs are used in future patient communications.

Making content dynamic enables a response to customer’s needs and preferences in real time, and regular reviews of collected data allow efficient and frequent updates based on new insights. Importantly, analytics planning should be central to overall brand planning.

Today we still separate HCP and patient communications, due in part to anxiety about communicating directly to the patient. Forward-looking companies understand that a more holistic view is needed.

Although today pharma continues to rely heavily on market research and published reports, we recognize that real time data gives us a tremendous opportunity to advance.

Selecting your closed loop marketing vendors

Think big but start small

Once you know what customers want in their personalized communications, and how to aggregate interaction data across channels and customers, technology can systematically align content to the individual. Your decisions will be made based on real-time customer data, and your content will dynamically respond to individual customer interests; customers will undoubtedly appreciate the personalized information being shared.

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