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Rainmaker Webinar: Creating valuable customer experiences – Part 2

Rainmaker Webinar: Creating valuable customer experiences - Part 2

Great experiences start here

Take your customer experience (CX) program to the next level. For Agnitio’s next webinar we will demonstrate the state-of-the-art CX capabilities of Rainmaker – showing you how to create more engagement by building high value communications around every one of your stakeholders.

Tailored content - Solve the industry CX challenge

The webinar will demonstrate how to address the major CX challenges that life science companies currently face:

  • How to provide personalized customer experiences across channels
  • How to empower healthcare professionals with communication tools to use with patients
  • How to extend the rep’s interaction beyond the sales call

Customer experience - All stakeholders, all channels, one system

Rainmaker enables you to create personalized experiences – providing exactly what each customer needs in any channel they prefer – for any or all of your stakeholders, including patients, while still maintaining full compliance.
It is all run from a single system for complete control and gives you a full overview of usage data to continuously improve the customer experience.

Rainmaker webinar: Creating valuable customer experiences

Personal communication - A real life use case

How a brand manager uses the data collected to make timely and cost effective changes to the content to make subsequent customer experiences more personal and relevant to each customer.


The webinar includes a Rainmaker case study demonstrating how effective data use strengthens your campaigns and creates high value conversations with healthcare professionals.

DATE: 24th of September
TIME: New York 9 AM, London 2 PM, Paris 3 PM
The webinar takes 20 mins

Melanie Brown, VP Client Solutions, EMEA

Webinar Recording: Great customer experiences start here

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