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Webinar: Grow Patient Engagement with Sharedoc

Webinar: Grow Patient Engagement with Sharedoc

At this webinar, we'll discuss patient-centricity and demonstrate how Sharedoc, Agnitio’s innovative new communication tool, can help grow your digital patient engagement in reality.

Learn how Sharedoc enables you to:

  • Strengthen your relationship with HCPs – Sharedoc enables you to provide real value to doctors by empowering them with relevant treatment information that they can share with their patients
  • Grow direct and regular HCP engagement – Sharedoc opens an ongoing line of communication with doctors either remotely or via your sales reps and MSLs
  • Run fully-compliant patient communication – Sharedoc enables you to better support your product by delivering information that HCPs can select and share with patients and their families
  • Generate more contact between patients and their doctors – Sharedoc connects patients with HCPs, building relationships and encouraging regular meetings

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The webinar will take place on 21 September at 9 AM New York, 2 PM London, 3 PM Paris.

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