Webinar: Meeting the new digital expectations in pharma

Webinar: Meeting the new digital expectations in pharma

We have partnered up with Eyeforpharma to deliver a great and thought provoking webinar. - Physicians and patients, just like everyone else, shop online, stream media and expect instant gratification. We have all had great, personalized customer experiences and have come to expect it. Pharma needs to understand this and to match it within its highly regulated environment. Whether it’s in the personal or digital encounter, we have to create equally valuable experiences that fit our industry.

Customer experience (CX) needs to be more than message delivery, it’s about how your customers – throughout the value chain – personally derive benefit from what you have to offer.

Join us on the 28th May at 3pm (CET) for this free webinar to start the design of your CX revolution where we’ll discuss:

  • What we can learn from other industries
  • What infrastructure is needed to enable personalized CX while staying compliant and in control
  • How to engage all stakeholders in the treatment pathway
  • How to apply technology and data to shape your CX

Hear from the elite in CX strategy including Pfizer, Merck, Agnitio and Sanofi. In just one hour, you’ll be armed with all you need to begin your CX strategy.

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