Webinar Sharedoc Presentation: Patient Engagement

Webinar Sharedoc Presentation: Patient Engagement

As Agnitio just launched Sharedoc, we will be hosting a webinar to showcase this game changing solution. We will focus on patient engagement and show you how it truly can engage every stakeholder in the value chain, all the way out to the patients and their relatives.

Discover the possibilities and the new era of digital multi channel marketing in pharma.  Join us on the 20th of April for the demonstration.

Help doctors help patients

Enable healthcare professionals to provide patients with treatment information in a simple, convenient and fully-compliant way.

Sharedoc is a communication tool that enables you to provide healthcare professionals with credible and trustworthy treatment information that they can share with patients in an easy and accessible way.

Patient Engagement Webinar - Experience Sharedoc

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Learn how to take your HCP and patient engagement to the next level.