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6 common mistakes in closed loop marketing

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Most e-detailing and closed loop marketing projects are very successful. Technology makes it ever easier and, with the right partner, you will have a smooth process. Yet projects not set up in the right way do sometimes go awry – and often for the same reasons. Here are six common CLM problems and how to avoid them.

1 Putting paper under glass

If you just transfer your paper detailing materials to a mobile tablet, little will be gained. You’re missing out on the real value which is customer interaction and engagement. So seek specialist partners who can help you design communications that engage people.

2 Push strategies

Instead of pushing messages, try a “pull approach” which involves healthcare professionals in your story. As a basic rule, you don’t want people passively sitting back listening but actively involved. Provide communications that enable HCPs to act.

3 Just measuring the reps

If you’re just measuring message delivery, you are missing out on the customer data, which is the biggest benefit of closed loop marketing. Your materials should uncover a physician's key points of interest, their knowledge levels, and opinion on each topic.

4 Not connecting data streams

Too often data is collected, stored and forgotten. So make data management a priority. Plan how to connect the new data streams to your CRM system. And be clear on the kind of reports that you need – ensuring that everyone in the organization gets what they need.

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5 Skipping the salesforce buy-in

To avoid any potential resistance, make sure that reps understand both the importance of the technology and are completely familiar with its use. You need to implement a quality training session – ideally run over several days – and schedule regular follow ups.

6 Not planning for the future

It’s a good idea if your CLM solution is ‘device agnostic’, meaning that it can work on different kinds of tablets, laptops, smartphones etc. Priorities can change, so make sure that your solution is flexible and expandable.

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