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At Agnitio, we continually share our expertise to help pharma and medical device companies make the most of their digital communication opportunities.


Hear from industry experts in Agnitio's well-regarded multichannel marketing and patient-centricity webinars – get the recordings.

Eyeforpharma webinar: Power to the patient
Industry experts from Teva, Sanofi and AstraZeneca explore how effective stakeholder engagement can improve patient outcomes.

Multichannel webinar: Extend the customer experience
See how to use multichannel to increase your number of customer engagements by extending the conversation beyond face-to-face meetings with compliant e-mails.

Webinar: Grow patient engagement with Sharedoc
This webinar features a real-life use case to show how you can strengthen HCP relationships and empower HCPs with credible, trustworthy information to share with their patients.


Get the latest video ‘how to’ guides and hear from your peers in expert interviews.

New expectations from empowered patients
Industry experts highlight the levels of support that patients increasingly expect.

Responding to patient centricity
Experts discuss how to help HCPs respond to more demanding patients

Technology and patient centricity
Industry experts highlight how technology can meet growing demands from patients.

Quick guides to digital pharma marketing

Get an overview of the main digital marketing terms and ideas with explanations of multichannel communications, closed loop marketing and digital patient engagement.

Multichannel marketing
Anywhere, anytime digital customer experiences.

HCP & Patient engagement
Treatment information and disease awareness.

Closed-loop marketing
Data-enabled communication for increased relevance.

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