What doctors want today – 10 needs to answer

10 needs to answer: what doctors want today

Changing requirements

What do doctors want? This is a question that marketers have always asked. Get the answer right and you build excellent relationships with HCPs and ensure a bright future for your innovation. Yet the answers are changing.
New service expectations

In addition to the longstanding requirements from pharma and med-tech companies to deliver scientific innovation, HCPs are increasingly looking for an improvement in the level of service provision.

Here are 10 HCP needs that, once met, can positively impact your HCP engagement:
1 Good outcomes: Ensuring that the right drug is delivered to the right patient in the right way. It’s not just the drug but rather the whole package that counts.
2 Up-to-date information: Building HCP knowledge on scientific breakthroughs and new developments in existing therapies.
3 Transparency: Providing the full picture of a treatment with complete honesty and no surprises.
4 On-demand information: Enabling HCPs to access trustworthy information anywhere at any time (even in time-pressed clinical situations).
5 Personalized channels: Ensuring that HCPs get information that’s truly relevant – meeting their specific needs.
6 Good industry relations: A partnership approach, centred on patient care, that continually builds trust.
7 Good patient interactions: The ability to communicate face-to-face with patients in ways that are clear and impactful.
8 Patient information: Trustworthy up-to-date content that can be shared with patients (and their families).
9 Support for treatment adherence: Enabling HCPs to educate patients and ensure that they get the most from their treatment.
10 High-value services: Delivering real value (not gimmicks) that have a positive and lasting effect on treatment outcomes.

How technology can enable you to respond

Read Agnitio’s mini-report – ‘6 things that doctors want’ – that explores how technology enables you to better respond to today’s HCP needs.

Learn what technology can do for you

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