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Helsinki Hackathon 2019: Q&A with Agnitio’s keynote speaker

Helsinki Hackathon 2019 : Q&A with Agnitio’s keynote speaker

Kickstarting the Junction 2019 Weekend!

On the 14. November, Agnitio as a tech-frontrunner, will be part of this years Hel Tech // Dev conference. Goran Vuksic, Agnitio’s Solutions Architect, will be one of the keynote speakers.

The one day conference, which will bring together 500 participants from Finland’s local tech scene as well as Junction 2019 hackers from all around the world, will take place in Helsinki before the big Junction, which is the biggest Hackathon in the Nordics.

Below is a short Q&A with Goran - he is what you could call a hackathon veteran. He has seen - and more importantly - done it all. During his 15 years of IT work experience, he has worked in various roles in smaller and larger tech companies.

Goran Vuksic, Solutions Architect

What are your expectations for this event?

Hel Tech // Dev event will take place one day before the Junction, which is the biggest hackathon in the Nordics and Europe - last year the event had over 1400 attendees. At the last event, I led the workshop “Alexa skill development” and a lot of people came to hear interesting talks about new technologies, trends, etc. This year as well I expect to see many interesting and inspirational talks.

What will you be speaking about this time to the audience?

I’ll give an inspirational speech about hackathons with real stories from my own hackathon experiences. Those stories are about wins and fails that happen on hackathons, with some tips on how to form a team, organize your time, how to win a hackathon and much more.

What is the value of hackathons and why do you keep doing them? 

Hackathons are all about innovation and that’s what inspires me. It is always great to see what people manage to achieve in just 24 or 48 hours, there are always some great ideas and proof of concepts that utilize newest technologies.

How do hackathons play a part in the development of Agnitio?

In Agnitio we have internal hackathons once per quarter and hackathons are always a fun day where developers build some features or proof of concepts that are related to our products. At the end of the day, we present it to the rest of the organisation and the best ideas are awarded. For developers this is a great way to try out new technologies.


Meet us there and experience personally what Agnitio as a leading tech company is all about! 

If you’re curious about open positions in Agnitio, you can  find them here

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