Interview: Embracing the Empowered Patient

Interview: Embracing the Empowered Patient

Agnitios CEO Lars Diemer was recently interviewed by Eyeforpharma which resulted in a very interesting article. Below is a short snippet, but be sure to read the whole interview on EyeforPharma.

Technology is the enabler for higher-quality interactions between pharma, HCPs and patients, argues Agnitio CEO Lars Diemer.

“The life sciences industry is ready, more now than ever, to embrace technology.” That’s the view of Agnitio’s new CEO, Lars Diemer. However, he stresses that technology is simply an enabler and the goal should be to get the best treatment results and outcomes.


"The trend will be that HCPs will require tools that they can use to support their work with patients. There’s an opportunity for sales reps and other stakeholders from the life science companies to facilitate this."

“Yesterday’s technology solutions don’t meet the needs of a changing pharma landscape or the heightened expectations of the industry’s partners and stakeholders. Life science is moving more and more towards a model based around helping the overall treatment outcome. To do this they need new technologies and that’s where we can play a strong role.”

Building on the past couple of years in which the company invested heavily in foundation technology such as multichannel, Agnitio is now seeking to enable its clients to reach further into the treatment pathway, by helping “healthcare practitioners, patients and the life sciences industry to help themselves”.

Read the full interview on EyeforPharma´s website:

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