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Webinar recording: Get better results from digital investments

Webinar recording: Get better results from digital investments

In this webinar, we’re exploring the best-practices for how life science companies need to digitalize their go-to-market strategy to gain measurable results.

Webinar quotes

It’s very easy to get a conceptual agreement about digital – but when it comes to actually doing transformation and realizing results, the reality is that there aren’t that many people doing it.

(James Williams, Senior Manager, Blackdot)

The great thing about a remote engagement setup is the amount of data you can collect versus the traditional model.

(Phil Matton, VP Strategy & Business Transformation, Bionical)


Webinar insights

36% of the audience believed that the lack of ROI proof from digital investments is the main barrier for accelerating the use of digital technology.

27% of the audience say they are using customer engagement data to be able better segment their customers.

In the recording, you'll get access to all the insights from the live polls, and hear how other life science companies prove value from digital investments.


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