Multichannel Marketing Webinar – Experience Rainmaker

Multichannel Marketing Webinar - Experience Rainmaker

How multichannel communications are changing HCP engagements

Learn how to use multichannel to increase the quality and reach of your HCP engagements – extending the conversation beyond a face-to-face call.

At this webinar we will demonstrate Rainmaker's latest multichannel capabilities, showing how these enable you to both communicate more effectively and also strengthen your HCP relationships.


New Rainmaker features

The webinar will also highlight the latest Rainmaker features, including the just-released ‘post-call reporting’ (PCR) functionality – enabling you to access customer-facing staff’s personal impressions of their HCP meetings in an easy and consistent way.

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Join us August 25th and see the high-value multichannel communications that you can now deliver to HCPs.

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