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Rainmaker release: More value at lower content cost with Rainmaker Remote

New from Rainmaker Remote: More value at lower content cost

Presenting heavy PDF, Word or PowerPoint content in online meetings can be frustrating for presenters and participants alike. Often loading time is slow and content may not display correctly, if at all.

Up to now, the answer to this sluggish performance was often an online meeting solution that works by screensharing (or desktop sharing) despite the fact that it jeopardizes compliance, as the company cannot control what is being shown in the meeting. But there is a better option.

We are excited to announce our new content engine in Rainmaker Remote that makes viewing of PDF, PowerPoint and Word files much easier in online meetings. Content loads fast, is more responsive, and easier to navigate. This ensures a much better experience for both presenters and participants. And it all happens from within a secured environment which means that only compliant materials can be used.


Click to watch the familiar PDF UI within Rainmaker Remote.


The benefits include:

•  Non-HTML (e-detailing) content is now viewed in the familiar PDF user interface (UI).
•  Thumbnails make it easy to navigate and jump between pages (participants will only see the designated content, not the presenter navigating).
•   Content is responsive to the specific screen of each participant is viewing from, regardless of the device.
•   In addition to regular meeting data, you can now track what pages have been viewed and for how long.


If you want to improve your remote e-detailing experience for HCPs, or start remote engagement in the right way, Rainmaker Remote makes it easy to stay compliant, deliver great experiences and generate meeting data.


Learn more about Rainmaker Remote

The latest update to Rainmaker Remote further strengthens a product designed to meet the specific requirements of pharma and medtech companies. To learn more about the benefits of Rainmaker Remote and what it can do for your customer engagements, explore Rainmaker Remote for:


Bring more value to your customer engagements,
while increasing reach and access.

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