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Multichannel Webinar: Extend the customer experience

Multichannel Webinar: Extend the customer experience

Use multichannel to increase your number of customer engagements by extending the conversation beyond face-to-face meetings.

Access to HCPs is under pressure. To increase the number & quality of engagements, life science companies want to provide more value to their customers by offering value in more channels – so HCPs can access content at their own convenience.

At this webinar, you'll learn new ways to extend the customer experience with multichannel and see a demo of Rainmaker's new email functionality for sharing compliant information with doctors.

Key topics:

  • Using new channels to deepen customer engagement and extend it beyond face-to-face meetings
  • Providing a connected multichannel experience for HCPs by using compliant emails
  • Improving the quality of engagements continually with Rainmaker’s actionable data


Life science companies getting started with or needing a more sophisticated multichannel solution.

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