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Patient Engagement Webinar – Experience Sharedoc

Patient Engagement Webinar - Experience Sharedoc

We recently did a study to examine how pharma can meet healthcare professionals' needs. One important finding was that healthcare professionals are looking for up-to-date and relevant treatment information that they can use to increase their knowledge level and share with their patients.

HCP-patient communication on demand 

At Eyeforpharma Barcelona in March 2016 we launched Sharedoc™. Sharedoc helps you build stronger HCP relationships. With Sharedoc you support HCPs by providing relevant information that they can share with their patients — providing treatment information on demand.

Sharedoc patient engagement webinar 

Get immediate access to our recent Sharedoc webinar and witness how it enables true patient engagement. Discover the possibilities and the new era of digital multi-channel marketing in pharma.

Patient Engagement Webinar - Experience Sharedoc

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