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Rainmaker on Windows 10: Ensure optimal Windows user experiences

Rainmaker on Windows 10: ensure optimal Windows user experiences

Rainmaker Engager is now fully compatible with Windows 10 – the latest and biggest update to Windows in years. This ensures significantly better experiences for your users as well as your customers. And compared to Windows 8, users will get more speed in the app, better security and program stability. In addition, the app is now available on PC – not just tablet – creating more flexibility for users when on-the-go.

What are the benefits?

  • Customer-facing teams deliver stronger engagements with higher speed and program stability
  • Users get better experiences with the system with new user interface and better security
  • Users get more flexibility when engaging with customers, now the app also works on PC


Rainmaker now works on both Windows 10 PC and tablet

What’s next?

Our next release – Rainmaker 1.8 – will release later this year. With Rainmaker 1.8, we are updating the user interface on the remaining of our system. Also, the release will include enhancements to the approved e-mail flow including a preview functionality.

Designed for the life sciences industry

The latest updates to Rainmaker further strengthen a product that meets the specific requirements of pharma and medtech companies. To learn more about how Rainmaker can solve your business needs, book a meeting with one of our strategists.

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