Video: Taking the temperature on remote engagement

Video: Taking the temperature on remote engagement

The use of remote – or virtual – engagement technology has been exploding in the life sciences recently. But why? We interviewed senior executives at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019 to take the temperature on where they are with the technology. Is remote engagement over estimated? How have they applied it? And what role will it have in the future?

Watch the video and get inspiration on how to implement it in your work:

What did they say?

Learn from your peers:

  • How TEVA made insides sales teams successful in reaching low-coverage areas, reaching low-investment segments, and supplementing the field force.
  • How LEO Pharma sees an opportunity to drive value to customers by applying remote engagement to MSLs.
  • How MSD have applied remote technology both for hybrid reps and remote-only reps – and even made a remote rep became no. 4 out of the top 10 preferred reps in Korea.
  • How AstraZeneca sees remote fit as a value-driving touchpoint once really understanding the HCP customer journey.

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