Half year report: digital trends and topics

Half year report: digital trends and topics

Summer is a good time for reflection and keeping up-to-date with the key industry trends.

To spark your thinking, we’ve gathered the key reports that have emerged so far in 2019 – that speak to the future of digital engagement in the life sciences.

Click links below to access the individual reports and inspiration:

  • Bain & Co: “How Agile is Powering Healthcare Innovation” (Jun 2019). Explore how other leaders value services and experiences beyond the product itself - Read article


  • PharmaFuture: “The digital savvy HCP survey – top trends 2019” (2019). Understand the needs of the digital savvy HCP - Read article


  • Eyeforpharma: “It’s like you were virtually there” (Jan 2019). Discover how digital innovations and remote technologies are transforming HCP interactions - Read article


  • Salesforce: “The new rules of customer engagement: Key trends from global research” (Jun 2019). Learn how experiences with other brands direct your customers’ expectations - Read article


  • Agnitio: “How remote communication solves your challenges” (Mar 2019). Explore how remote technologies address specific pharma and medtech business challenges – Read e-book


  • McKinsey & Co: “From product to customer experience: The new way to launch in pharma” (Aug 2018). Understand how to optimize your next product launch and build customer-centric journeys – Read article


  • Boston Consulting Group: “Digital Common Sense and Why Speed is the New Scale” (Feb 2018). See why and how you need to accelerate your digital transformation – Read article


  • Agnitio: “What every CIO must know when choosing a digital marketing solution” (May 2019). Get the ‘cheat sheet’ that informs your IT responsible what they need to ask – Read whitepaper


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