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Meet Agnitio at Medical Devices Europe, Clinical Trials

Meet us at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Conference in Munich

Opportunities for greater efficiency in clinical trials

On 7-8 February, we’ll be in Munich attending the OTC Medical Devices 2018 Conference. Let’s explore together the challenges of the medical device industry as well as the opportunities and new digital innovations available for Clinical Trials.

Watch how Rainmaker for clinicial trials works

Schedule a meeting with one of our delegates and learn how our new e-learning solution helped Danish biotech MC2 Therapeutics and their CRO make their clinical trials more engaging, cost-effective and easier to manage.

Philip Thomsen
Senior Director, Client Services

Jonas Haastrup 
Customer Engagement Manager

Using digital technology to make clinical trials training more engaging 

MC2 Therapeutics found that communicating with paper-based detailing aids and other documents was difficult to manage, hard to track and had limited impact. See how Agnitio helped to improve their clinical trials management with digital technology.

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