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Meet us in Brussels to learn how to improve medical device training

Meet us in Brussels to learn how to improve medical device training

Conference for medtech leaders

On 10 November, we’ll be in Brussels to share best-practices and explore how our digital engagement technologies can help improve the adoption and use of medical devices – and thus enhance customer satisfaction and adherence.

Training and educational support to power business growth

The focus of the event is to provide inspiration on how to improve training of consumers and medical professionals. Some of the areas that will be explored include:

  • How to ensure engagement, retention & application remotely
  • How to move from training to true behavioural change
  • Handling product training and certification within medtech when account managers are required to carry bigger portfolios
  • How to measure the impact of a sales training and setting the right KPIs
  • How to drive value-based discussions in a price driven market
  • How to ensure cross-border implementation of E-Learning

Get in touch to explore new opportunities

To schedule a meeting, please reach out to Director Client Services at Agnitio, Luis Rodriguez.

Luis Rodriguez
Senior Director, Client Services

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