New ebook: Get started with e-detailing

New e-book: Getting started with e-detailing

If you’re just starting out with e-detailing, get the benefit of decades of Agnitio experience – all packaged in one short ebook.

Don’t panic. With the right knowledge, e-detailing is very simple.


Keeping it simple

Are you considering your first e-detailing project but worry that it can be complicated? Don’t panic. In fact, relax. With the right knowledge, e-detailing is very simple.

This short guide answers the questions that many people have when starting out – drawing on Agnitio’s experience of delivering hundreds of projects over the years.


  • “Do I really need it?” The five main benefits of e-detailing
  • “What’s needed?” The elements of e-detailing
  • “Can’t I just use a PDF?” Comparing ‘static’ content with interactive
  • “What kind of content is needed?” Where creativity matters
  • “Can I use my existing content?” Repurposing existing materials
  • “What do I need to know about data?” Understanding what works
  • “What are the basic steps of an e-detailing project?” How to plan for success
  • “What about multichannel?” Planning for the future
  • “What do I need to know about e-detailing software?” Know what to look for
  • “What’s the best bit of advice you can give?” Essential advice


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Get straight-talking answers to questions asked by those just starting out with e-detailing.

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