New e-book: Medtech and digital technology

New e-book: Medtech and digital technology

We’re delighted to tell you that we’ve just published a new e-book – The hidden potential of digitization – that’s focused specifically on the needs of the medtech industry.


Reinvent clinical selling

This report explores how technology can enable the new medtech commercial model that Boston Consulting Group (BCG) described through a series of groundbreaking analyses. (1)

Issues that BCG highlighted:

  • Healthcare systems are increasing applying value-based models that call for real-world evidence that premium medical devices improve patient outcomes and reduce the total costs of care.
  • New low-cost companies – often arising in emerging markets – are providing clinically-acceptable products at much lower price points.
  • Power continues to move from clinicians to institutional decision makers: hospitals, committees, buying groups, and regional and governmental agencies.

BCG then proposed a series of ‘strategic moves’ that medical device companies can use to respond to these changes in the marketplace. For each move, we’ve described how you can use digital technology to make it happen.


Practical steps to take today

Then we give you five immediate digital opportunities that you can start with right now – key issues like increasing marketing efficiency, implementing a key account strategy, and providing compelling health economic arguments to institutional buyers.

Download the report

Get a taste of the report here where you can also find a sign-up link for the whole report:

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