Rainmaker Launch: The Dawn of a New Era (18 March 2014)

Rainmaker Launch: The Dawn of a New Era

We’re just about to launch Rainmaker, the next generation communications technology. We listened to marketers’ unfulfilled wishes and then responded. Big time. Rainmaker not only fixes what came before but takes you beyond anything possible:

  • From being forced to say the same thing to everyone, to tailoring the communication to each individual customer
  • From having the data from CLM but being unable to react, to responding with personalized services
  • From fighting to get material localized, to effortlessly cascading out content to affiliates
  • From being limited to a couple of channels, to having multiple channels at your disposal
  • From the campaign running the rep, to the rep running the campaign by empowering local action
  • From being forced to re-code materials for even small changes, to effortlessly updating content right from the screen in front of you
  • From the frustration of complex workflows, to a user-interface that’s a joy to use.

The journey beyond CLM starts at Barcelona CCIB on 18th of March with the official launch of Rainmaker. Sign up here to attend the launch in Barcelona, or online.

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