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Rainmaker update: More flexible and customer-centric Remote call set-up

Rainmaker update: More flexible and customer-centric Remote call set-up

Grow the number of ways you can apply remote engagement technology with the latest update to Rainmaker Remote.

Now, it is easier for sales, marketing, medical and market access to host remote meetings. With this new update, the Rainmaker system generates short, personalized access links for each contact invited to a remote meeting. The link will be visible to the meeting host in the system after having sent out the invite, as well as on each contact invited while on the call.


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What are the benefits?

•  Sales reps can always provide an invitee with the link if lost by mistake or caught in a firewall filter.
•  If hosting remote meetings with multiple participants, the rep can still provide individual attendees with their unique access link after the call has started.
•  Sales reps can share the link via other channels than email, e.g. What's App, SMS, LinkedIn or over the phone.

This ensures smoother customer experiences as well as the ability to use Rainmaker Remote in call centres or inside sales teams.


Unique access short-link



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The latest update to Rainmaker Remote further strengthens a product designed to meet the specific requirements of pharma and medtech companies. To learn more about the benefits of Rainmaker Remote and what it can do for your customer engagements, explore Rainmaker Remote for:


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