Rainmaker 1.8: User-friendly, compliant customer emails

Rainmaker 1.8: User-friendly, compliant customer emails

Engage customers with fully-compliant emails in an even more user-friendly system with our latest Rainmaker upgrade: Rainmaker 1.8.

With Rainmaker Approved Email, customer facing teams (e.g. sales, medical or market access) can easily engage their audiences with fully compliant emails. We have upgraded the email flow in our Engager app – the front end of the system – with a new preview function and the ability to send emails to multiple contacts or a segment of contacts at once, making it even more user-friendly and simple to adopt.


See how it works


What are the benefits?

  • Empower company reps to engage customers more easily with fully compliant emails - fitting the exact needs of the pharmaceutical and medtech industries
  • Enable brand or marketing managers to deliver segmented email communications
  • Grow your customer engagements with a preferred channel for many HCPs

Additionally, we applied user interface (UI) improvements to Mobilizer – our back-end – and the personalized websites channel for on-demand content sharing. This ensures all our Rainmaker users get a superior experience with the system.

New user interface


What's next?

In our next release – Rainmaker 1.9 - a brand new feature optimizing your call data will be released. This feature will ensure that all call data is stored centrally, and it will keep track of the full call lifecycle, meaning that all changes made to the scheduled meeting will be recorded – even in offline mode.

Designed for the life sciences

The latest updates to Rainmaker further strengthen a product designed to meet the specific requirements of pharma and medtech companies. To learn more about how Rainmaker can solve your life science business needs, book a meeting with one of our strategists.

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