Whitepaper: What every CIO must know when choosing a digital marketing solution

Cheat sheet: What every CIO must know when choosing a digital marketing solution

Today, the CIO is a key figure, tying many different departments together and providing a broad perspective that no single business unit can have. CIOs and his/her specialists have the technology expertise about which remote solution, for example, will have compliance issues. Or what kinds of support that a provider needs to deliver to make their system work properly in your organization.


To help CIO's provide the big picture, we’ve put together a ‘cheat sheet’ for choosing digital marketing solutions. There are 14 topics with input gathered from IT, professional services and commercial departments.

Learn what to ask – anticipate common pitfalls, reduce overall risk, and get a solution that works for your company.

Table of content:

1. Consider the company as much as the software

2. Look for hidden time traps 

3. Minimize risk and ensure stability 

4. Look beyond IT issues in a vendor's product support 

5. Review the security implications 

6. Check for hidden compliance issues 

7. Seek integration flexibility 

8. Ask for a technology roadmap

9. Explore the data and analytics capabilities 

10. Know that a  poor user interface means more IT service tickets 

11. For remote solutions, look for broadcasting not screen sharing 

12. Consider scalability to meet future needs 

13. Meet the technologists not just the sales team 

14. Know that good systems reduce IT workload, poor systems increase it


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