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Agnitio presenting on virtual engagement at medtech conference

Agnitio presenting on virtual engagement at medtech conference

Let’s connect in Zurich

Meet us at the Medtech Commercial Leaders Forum Europe in Zürich on 20-21 February 2018 to explore how digital technology can help your customer-facing teams drive more impactful and customised engagements.
A time of change

Growing competition, pricing pressures, rapidly changing reimbursement systems, regulatory policies, and increasing influence of non-clinical decision makers have raised the importance of improving efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing.
Opening up new possibilities for medtech companies

To be successful, Boston Consulting Group* states that it’s key to change the business model and – besides from low cost products and services – focus on:

1) Value-based care: Doctors and nurses need genuine support that enables them to help their patients in a more holistic way.

2) Go-to-market model via digital transformation: Remote selling teams, can for example, extend the level of support to more remote areas – and provide the flexibility that customers want.

Agnitio presentation: Create customised digital experiences for payers and HCPs

Agnitio’s CEO, Lars Diemer, will give a presentation on the 21st of February at 10.00 AM.

Topic: Explore how new digital technologies enhance your customer interactions and deliver real commercial benefit

  • Understand how your customers’ needs have changed
  • Learn how digital technology enables you to respond to these new challenges
  • Explore how virtual engagement technologies create new opportunities
  • See real-life examples of how digital solutions have transformed customer relationships
  • Bringing it all together: learn how to use the data to extend commercial opportunities

Learn more about the benefits of virtual client engagement in our latest client case study:

Meet our delegates

Lars Diemer, CEO

Luis Rodriguez, Global Client Director

Lone Overgaard, Global Client Director

*Boston Consulting Group, 2017, “Moving beyond the ‘Milkman’ Model in Medtech

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