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Content localization made easy

Content localization made easy

Cumbersome or expensive content localization processes are common issues for global companies working within highly regulated environments. In the life sciences that might mean that the very best content – your e-detailer – isn’t updated as often or quickly as it should be, and you’re continually hindered in your ability to respond at speed to the customer data that you are getting.

The good news is that there are ways to solve this and respond faster to the market without risking that you lose control of your content.

The reason that content localization can be so complex is that the systems often being used never truly took into account how pharma and medtech companies work – and the special environments they operate within.

Even today, there is often little overview of the status of content editing and approval – and making any changes may often be an almost manual process that requires the involvement of multiple local agencies all working on somewhat different systems. No wonder it is often so slow, complex and expensive.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The answer is to get working on a system that has efficient content editing tools built-in and fits the structures of life science companies.

Agnitio’s Rainmaker system, for example, includes a tool for in-system editing, management and deployment of content. This functionality, together with the system’s metadata tagging capabilities, enables you to speed up content development and localization and thereby respond much faster to your data – anywhere in the world.
Rainmaker Builder tool for easy and fast content editing

When you’re working globally, difficult localization processes really hold you back. Updates will be made only when absolutely necessary and you might even be wondering whether it’s necessary to collect so much data if it’s hard to act on it. So, you track whether content has been ‘delivered’ by reps and not much else.

But once content updating is easy, you’ll be wanting all the data possible. That’s why, with Rainmaker, there are no restrictions on what can be tracked. We can have unrestricted data tracking because of the easy and fast content editing and management options available.

To respond faster to the needs of your customers, make sure you have a system that makes it easy to turn global insights into local actions.

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