Rainmaker: New Compliant Email Functionality

Rainmaker: New Compliant E-mail Functionality

Sharing compliant information with HCPs just became easier. Rainmaker Multichannel has a new functionality that enables company representatives to increase the number of engagements with HCPs.

Expand your multichannel HCP reach with fully-compliant emails by: 

  • Using HCPs preferred communication channel
  • Providing product information and educational support
  • Keeping HCPs up to date on events and campaigns
  • Conducting quick polls to deepen your market understanding

What are the benefits of approved email?

  • Seamless integration of email with other channels
  • Full control of messaging for brand consistency
  • Targeted information sent to HCPs who have given their consent
  • Immediate access to content without any additional clicks
  • Fully tracked responses, capturing actionable data for reps and aggregated data for deeper analysis

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