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What we heard on eyeforpharma about remote customer engagement

What we heard at eyeforharma about remote customer engagement

Speaker highlights from the conference on remote customer engagement

At this year's virtual eyeforpharma Barcelona conference, Europe's biggest commercial Pharma event of the year, we learned a lot from the industry's thought leaders on areas such as digital and remote HCP engagement. It was evident that remote customer engagement is crucial to both pharmaceutical and medtech companies with all things happening right now due to COVID-19.

We have gathered some of the quotes that stood out at the conference on remote engagement:


Our world has been turned upside-down. We have 30.000 reps that used to be on the road, now working from home, that we've had to equip to work very differently...

Bertrand Bodson, CDO, Novartis


I have seen many [remote] experiences, very positive usually, with high satisfaction of customers.

Helene Tixier, VP, Head of Global Digital & Multichannel Strategy, Sanofi Pasteur


It’s interesting to see that the most conservative physicians, the ones that were basically on the paper era and only working on basic emails are the ones asking for help, not just to use the [remote engagement] tool (...) but also to understand how can I use this, how can I interact with you guys (…).

Nuno Rodriguez, Digital & Multichannel Manager, Roche 


Now, with COVID-19, market channels and even more digital channels are on the radar and needed.

Andreas Dach, Digital & Multichannel Lead, Eli Lilly


The new generation of physicians are working a lot more with technology and much more confidently than previous generations.

Danilo Pagano, Vice President, Digital & Customer Engagement, Lundbeck


We were anticipating that maybe the infrastructure is going to be the problem with this kind of change to go to the physician, but it’s really not. We have been able to get all the infrastructure in place, to manage all the remote calling and the material adaptation.

Ignacio Quiles Lara, VP Oncology Commercial Director, GSK


What's nice about remote detailing is that you can really measure the interaction - so from an analytics point-of-view it has great value to measure and improve ourselves. It's probably the most important outcome of remote e-detailing.

Helene Tixier, VP, Head of Global Digital & Multichannel Strategy, Sanofi Pasteuer




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