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Why we’re launching Agnitio LIVE

Why we're launching Agnitio LIVE

With Agnitio LIVE just launching we wanted to tell you a little about the reasoning behind the product, what’s new that it brings to the table, and where we believe it fits in your channel mix.


Making remote easier

It started with a simple question: how can we make remote HCP communications easier for life science companies? We’d had a successful remote solution as part of our Rainmaker suite for some time but wanted to deliver a standalone ‘Zoom-like experience’ that still provided the safety and security needed by the life sciences.

With consumer remote services, you just create an account, add your contacts, and then start communicating. Life sciences, as we all know, needs more. A solution also has to be compliant.

How then can remote engagement have the ease of consumer software but the control of a life sciences specific solution?

LIVE at a glance

Cloud solution
  • Easy and fast for customer teams
  • Simple for IT departments
Built-in content store
  • Complaint, up-to-date materials
  • Fast access to all documents
Broadcast technology
  • Compliant content delivery
  • Protects reps with ‘no-mistakes’ solution
Interactive content
  • Improved HCP remote experience
  • Feedback for data capture
  • Personalized ‘human’ experience
  • Helps reps judge engagement
  • Discourages multitasking


Cloud for simplicity

To get the ease-of-use we made Agnitio LIVE a cloud solution, meaning that there’s no software downloading or updating to worry about. Your reps just use a web browser to login and start engaging. And HCPs just have to click a link. It really is that simple. And people will be familiar with the UI from online meeting software that’s now so much a part of our daily lives.

What this means for companies is that Agnitio LIVE is an easy addition to any current engagement set up. If there’s, for example, an existing e-detailing system but no remote solution, this is a simple fix. You can add Agnitio LIVE to your channel mix without needing to change anything else.


Content controls for compliance

To make Agnitio LIVE work for pharma, we designed the system to ‘broadcast’ content to avoid screen-sharing issues. Broadcasting means that HCPs can only ever see the presentation materials — never a rep’s desktop or any other programs, or files that might be open.

We’ve all been on meetings where someone has accidentally shown the wrong document or given everyone a look at their emails. We all make mistakes. But HCP engagement operates at higher standards and that’s why we designed Agnitio LIVE to protect reps and ensure compliance on every call, every time.

And then we’ve added an easy-to-use content management system that’s built into Agnitio LIVE. That ensures that only approved and up-to-date content can be shown. And, of course, it makes things easier and faster for reps too because they’re not needing to keep track of different versions of presentation materials. Everything is right there in the system.


Interactivity for impact

The broadcast technology also opens up for interactivity, if required. Most online meeting or video conferencing software just provides passive viewing. Now, with Agnitio LIVE, HCPs can interact with presentations and be more involved in the discussions.

This interactivity not only provides customer data (which is missing from passive ‘screen-sharing’ systems) but enables a more engaging experience. So, in addition to the simplicity of the cloud and the controls for compliance, you can focus on the quality of the engagement.

This focus on quality is, we feel, the true next step in remote engagement. Yes full compliance is necessary, and yes the system must be easy and flexible, but what really counts is the experience that reps deliver.


Video for personalization

Finally, with quality of experience in mind, we wanted to add something extra.

Video, as we’ve all learned in 2020, does make a difference to an online call – which is why we added it as an option to Agnitio LIVE (HCPs can choose to use it or not). This was key for our desire to provide ‘Zoom-like experience’ for the life sciences. The personal touch matters.

The ability to see each other also boosts engagement in other ways. It really helps reps gauge how a conversation is going through non-verbal cues. It also helps to keep everyone focused. Video discourages multitasking, which is always tempting for busy HCPs wanting to check emails.


It’s the experience that matters

What we want Agnitio LIVE to deliver, ultimately, is the best possible remote experience in the life sciences – one that provides more value to HCPs and better enables customer teams to meet their needs.

Remote is no longer a novelty. It’s not the future but an everyday reality. And that means that it’s competitive. Companies that provide the best remote experiences for HCPs will, we believe, have an advantage.


Want to learn more?

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