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Agnitio LIVE launched today

Agnitio LIVE launched today

We’re delighted to announce the worldwide launch of Agnitio LIVE, our brand-new cloud-based remote solution.

Agnitio LIVE makes remote detailing easier and more impactful for everyone involved. Running completely on the cloud, LIVE enables fully compliant remote detailing presentations in a simple way.

Customer teams can now run remote sessions from any device, just with a web browser – providing them with the speed and flexibility to engage anywhere and at any time. And HCPs join sessions with just a simple click of a link.

With the option for interactivity, you can further increase engagement in remote presentations. This interactivity, combined with the ability for two-way video, provides a compelling experience for HCPs.

Agnitio LIVE means that HCPs now get the personal connection of seeing presenters, while enjoying presentation materials that actively involve them in the discussions.

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LIVE at a glance

Cloud solution
  • Easy and fast for customer teams
  • Simple for IT departments
Built-in content store
  • Complaint, up-to-date materials
  • Fast access to all documents
Broadcast technology
  • Compliant content delivery
  • Protects reps with ‘no-mistakes’ solution
Interactive content
  • Improved HCP remote experience
  • Feedback for data capture
  • Personalized ‘human’ experience
  • Helps reps judge engagement
  • Discourages multitasking


Interactivity also opens the opportunity for data capture, enabling you to better understand remote detailing sessions, identity the content that is resonating with your audience, and improve the experience that you deliver.

Compliance is ensured with a combination of content controls and ‘broadcast’ content delivery. Agnitio LIVE has built-in content repository that ensures that customer teams only access up-to-date and compliant materials. Broadcast technology prevents the accidental sharing of non-approved or confidential materials that may happen with remote or video conferencing solutions that work through ‘screensharing’.

Together, Agnitio LIVE’s controls protect customer teams and provide them with the ability to engage with confidence.

David Keane, Bigtincan and Agnitio CEO said: “Agnitio LIVE brings the compliance that life science companies demand combined with the simplicity and quality of experience that benefit both customer teams and HCPs.”

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