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Webinar: The new normal for omnichannel HCP engagement after COVID-19

Webinar: The new normal in omnichannel HCP engagement after COVID-19 

About this webinar

What will be the ‘new normal’ for HCP engagement following COVID-19? Because people throughout life science organizations now see the dangers of an over-reliance on face-to-face meetings, many of the barriers to innovative digital communications have been lifted.

Real change is now not only possible but will likely be demanded by management needing greater resilience in their customer engagement programs. Get ready to act now.

In this webinar, hosted by digital transformation specialists BlackDot, Agnitio is joining the expert panel to discuss what a best-practice omni-channel engagement model looks like, and how to get there?

(on Blackdot's website)

Key webinar learnings:

  • Understand the benefits of omni-channel and lessons that can be applied from other industries
  • Discover the customer, channel, capability and operating model shifts Health Science organizations must make
  • Learn the effective engagement principals that ensure you’re meeting HCP, employee, and institutional needs



Live event will take place Wednesday 6 May at 1.30pm CET (12:30pm BST) - after that it’s available on-demand



Mark Taylor, Blackdot’s Managing Director, EMEA (host)
Dirk Abeel, Global Medical Sales Director – Reckitt Benckiser
Lars Meincke, CEO – Agnitio


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